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Born in Toronto, Canada, and living in Edmonton, Canada for 16 years, Stephen is an active member of his community. The president of the Willowby Community league, board member of the Edmonton City Club, and supporter of the local community Christmas Hamper Program, Stephen understands the importance of giving back. He has ensured his son understands the value in this as well and involves him in many events and community programs.

Stephen relocated to Edmonton as a young man in pursuit of a career in the oil fields however, shortly after the birth of his son, Stephen transitioned into Forex trading. It is here he found his passion for sales, eventually leading the sales Department.

Drive. Ambition. Confidence

Stephen’s drive and motivation in pursuit of careers in business, brokerages, and manufacturing have allowed him to network and build relationships with people worldwide. It has presented opportunities to travel to places like China, Africa, and Latin America. 

In 2019 Stephen endeavored to create an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete paving. Dura Paving Canada was born and has since expanded to cities across Canada. Since its inception, Dura Paving Canada has recycled thousands of tires, sparing them from landfills.

He’s not done yet. Stephen is always thinking of his next move; his next goals; his next steps. Stay tuned for what’s to come…

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