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Stephen Mater: Conquering Boundaries in Business and Running

In a world where few venture into both the corporate boardroom and the trails of ultramarathons, Stephen Mater defies convention. With a thriving background in brokerage firms, Mater navigates the intricate landscapes of finance and strategy with finesse. But his story doesn't end there. He embraces the challenges of ultra marathon running, pushing his physical and mental limits to conquer the most gruelling races.

Beyond the numbers and charts, Mater has evolved into a passionate mental strength coach, helping others tap into their inner resilience for peak performance. His experiences culminate in a unique blend of strategic thinking, unwavering determination, and a profound commitment to empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

The upcoming Black Spur Ultra is a testament to Mater's indomitable spirit. A race carved from winding, technical single tracks, this 108-kilometre challenge features big climbs through rugged terrain and stunning scenery. Kimberley, BC, nestled between the Purcell and the Rocky Mountains, is the perfect backdrop. With its welcoming community and world-class Kimberley Alpine Resort, the stage is set for an unforgettable event.

Mater's preparation involves working with renowned peak run performance coaches Jacob Puzey and Manuela Vilaseca, focusing on mobility and hill repeats to tackle the race's 13,500 feet elevation gain. As Mater takes on the 4,460 meters of elevation over 108 kilometres, his journey symbolizes resilience, strength, and the pursuit of excellence.

But Mater's ambitions don't stop at the Black Spur Ultra. With the Golden Ultra lined up just a month later and a continuous quest for ultramarathons worldwide, Stephen Mater is a true embodiment of defying limits, both in business and in running. Stay tuned to witness his remarkable journey unfold on August 26 and beyond.

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